I believe in intentionally learning more about my couples and understanding their story and vision in order to best provide the handcrafted experience for them.


I don't want to just document the big moments throughout your wedding day. I want to document all the moments from the laughter and joyful moments as you're getting ready to the comforting touches as you see each other for the first time to moments you say good bye as you end your wedding reception.


Weddings are intimate events, You and your partner are committing yourselves to one another and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it. I believe that through vulnerability with my couples and letting them be themselves, I am allowed access to some of the most personal moments of their lives.

I believe that your love story is the most important story and one that deserves to be told.

I’m a romantic at heart, I love meeting couples and hearing their story. I get a silly smile as I listen to them recount the first time they met and the moment they realized the other person was the one for them. All the memories that you have shared together, all the ups and downs in your relationships have led to this moment: your wedding.

I believe that your wedding is the start of a new adventure with your best friend. An adventure that starts with opening yourself up and committing your life to one another. Allow me to document the beginning of this new adventure, the love story you will be able to tell for generations to come.

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