Tableside Talks – A Trip to the Zoo

Zoos have always been a source of childhood amusement and curiosity. While there are many that oppose them, zoos bring people happiness as well as instill each generation with a sense of responsibility to keep these animals thriving naturally in the wild.

When I was a child, my parents always took me to the local zoo, especially when we traveled. This helped foster my love and curiosity for animals. Now as an adult, I continue to make excursions to the zoo and every trip brings out the child inside of me. Recently I visited the Brookfield Zoo just outside of Chicago. This is one of the zoos that I visited numerous times growing up and each time I visit, there was always something new and exciting to see.

Since my last visit there was an Amur leopard cub, an orangutan, and gorilla born at the zoo. It was such a treat to see baby animals with their parents. They ran around without a care in the world, messed around with their parents, and just lived life. It also reinforces how important conservation and research is. Without it, beautiful animals like these leopards will disappear from the earth!

Amur Leopard cub at Brookfield ZooBaby Orangutan at Brookfield ZooMonkey at Brookfield ZooBaby Gorilla and Parrot at Brookfield ZooWolf and Lion at Brookfield Zoo


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