Tableside Talk – First Week Craziness

Holy moly!! This is only the second week of 2017?! This past week has been absolutely incredible both personally and professionally. In my 2017 goals, I mentioned how I am aiming to shoot 10 weddings in this upcoming year. This week alone I’ve had a handful of inquiries and even booked a wedding – what! I had no expectations of getting any inquiries this early in the year, but I am pleasantly surprised. I am super excited to meet with these couples and listen to their stories as they take the next step in their relationship!

This past Tuesday was also January’s Tuesday Together meeting on workflow and organization. I am so thankful for this community of creatives: a group of people who have been in my shoes before and are an amazing source of encouragement and support! We even had 43 people come to the Chicago city group! It was great to hear everyone’s strategy in becoming more efficient and not wasting precious minutes in their days.

On a more personal side of things, Lindsay and I have slowed down on our wedding planning and are now focused on finding a home to live in! We visited our first home this past weekend and we are beyond excited to finally start the home search. Here’s to finding a home for ourselves soon!


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