Tableside Talk – Goals for 2017

The holidays have come and gone. 2017 has begun and being a goal-oriented person, what better way to start it off than with a few goals. I love coming up with goals because they allow me to see what I’ve accomplished for the past year and what I can strive for as I continue to grow, both as a business and as a person.

Goals for 2017:

  • Shoot/second shoot 10 weddings. This may be one of the loftier goals for this year as I’m officially starting my business but what’s the point of dreaming small?
  • Work on a styled shoot with other wedding vendors. A chance to network and work with other talented vendors in Chicago.
  • Get better at using flash in my photography. This is an aspect of photography that I’ve tried to avoid. But not every venue or shoot will have perfect lighting so I’m pushing myself to learn and expand my knowledge!
  • Develop my style. While there are so many wonderful photographers that I look up to, I want to be my own person and develop a style that is unique to me.
  • Improve at social media. With the large influence social media has in photography, there’s no reason to not be on top of it.
  • Print more photos. I believe that photos should be printed and displayed rather than sitting on a hard drive and only being viewed online.
  • Nail down a budget. Budgeting well ad sticking to it will be essential to keeping my finances in check. It will make sure I have enough in savings for my family and to stop myself from overspending.
  • Continue going to the gym. I started going to the gym in 2016 roughly 3-4 times a week. While it takes motivation to get up and go, the feeling post workout is amazing! If anyone wants a buddy to keep them accountable for fitness, contact me!
  • Make travel vlogs. I’ve always been interested in making videos of my travels but I never know what to record or I forget to hit the record button.
  • Continue to grow stronger in my faith and not be afraid to share. Faith plays a large part in my life, however when times get busy, I tend to put it on the back burner.
  • Get married. If the rest of my goals fall through, I know I’ll at least have this one crossed off before the year is over!

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