Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day, a day where we celebrate and honor the mothers in our lives. However with all that mothers do, I believe they should be celebrated and honored every day.

Being raised in America with a lot of luxuries in my life, I sometimes forget how difficult it was for my mom’s family when they immigrated to the states. Although, she’s 100% Chinese, she was raised in Vietnam and moved to the states to escape the war. Her family, my grandparents, two of my uncles, my aunt, and my mom, arrived in America¬†with just $100 between the 6 of them. They lived as simply as they could, only getting the bare necessities. My mom attended Lincoln Park High School and graduated from their IB program and then attended UIC at their School of Nursing, all while holding multiple jobs to help out the family. With her nursing degree in hand, she then went on and worked as a nurse at the University of Chicago Hospital, where she still works as a registered nurse in their hematology/oncology department.

Everyone who has seen me and my mom together has said that we look a lot alike and our personalities are fairly similar as well. From being the emotional ones in our family to the way we think, I am definitely my mother’s child. Although we disagree on certain topics and argue from time to time, we can always work through it and grow closer together. I am incredibly blessed by her and the parenting from both my mom and my dad. They have instilled so much knowledge and ethics into me and I know that I would not be the person I am without them. They have both sacrificed so much in order for my brother and I to be able to live the life that we have now and it’s not something that we take for granted.

I love my mom and I will always be a mama’s boy. From my family to yours, Happy Mother’s Day.

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