This Mt Hood engagement session on Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain was part of my mentorship with Robert J Hill last year. It was incredible to explore a region of the United States that I had never been to before and to photograph a mountaintop session. In the afternoon, we hiked to Mirror Lake, where we roasted food over a campfire before hiking towards the summit of Tom, Dick, and Harry mountain for sunset. For the most part, our day was sunny and clear however as we got closer to the summit, heavy fog and clouds started to roll in to produced the most incredible sunset that I have ever witnessed.

Jessie and Chad are an amazing couple who spent a week with me along with the other photographers in the mentorship. We got to hear stories about their lives and their little boys. (Sidenote: Jessie is an amazing photographer, if you’re in the Portland/Vancouver, Washington area and need one, contact her!) Their connection and love for one another was so apparent throughout the session. We had a blast, laughing and making some magic as the sunset set behind the peaks. We ended the session by hiking back down the mountain with the trail path illuminated by our headlamps. Being able to photograph Jessie and Chad while watching an unreal sunset on top of Tom, Dick, and Harry mountain with other photographers was an experience I’ll never forget.

photo of pine trees mt hood behind mirror lake Trail through a pine tree forest clouds roll in along a mountainside couple cuddling on a mountain a couple kissing couple standing looking at one another on top of a mountain two photos of a couple kissing a couple nuzzling with one another in black and white a woman in an orange dress being kissed by her husband a couple wrapping their arms around each other a man looks lovingly at his wife a man kisses his wife on the cheek on a mountain a couple cuddling on a mountain a couple walking on a mountain while the sun sets behind them a couple standing on a mountain as the sun set behind them a hazy sunset in oregon a silhouette of a man picking up a woman during sunset landscape of a foggy forest on a mountain a couple walking along a mountain ridge a couple holding hands as they walk down a mountain a couple standing on top of a mountain

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