Welcome to the New Site!

Hello everyone, welcome to the new and improved home for Kyle Szeto Photography! I am so excited to finally be able to share with you all what I have been working on these past few weeks. To those who have been following and supporting me on this photography journey of mine, I want to give you all my sincerest thanks. It has been such a blessing to receive streams of encouragement and affirmation.

It is my hope that this new website will allow me to continue sharing my weddings, engagement sessions, and other sessions as I continue to grow my business. As for the blog, I hope not only to continue to blog my sessions, but also allow readers an insight into my personal life with Tableside Talks. Tableside Talks will be a weekly (or sometimes more often) blog post about the happenings in my life, as well as gear reviews or whatever is on my mind.

I also included a store where prints of some of my personal travel and landscape work can be purchased! For me, photographs are meant to be printed and mounted on the wall for all to see, not to be stored away on a hard drive. If there is a photo that you really want or a custom sized print, please contact me through email: kyleszetophotography@gmail.com! To celebrate, I will be having a sale on the prints that I currently have listed right now. Be sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for the code!

To wrap things up, I truly thank you all for the support and love that I have received and I cannot wait to continue developing as a photographer. Who knows what 2017 has in store.

Until next time, stay humble and love one another.





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